The Signature Mountain Massage

$50/30 min

$85/60 min

$110/90 min


A relaxing Swedish massage, which works on the principles of flowing long strokes, kneading and muscle compressions that induce relaxation and rejuvenation.



Therapeutic Massage

$60/30 min

$95/60 min

$120/90 min


Sessions are tailored to your specific needs , utilizing a combination of massage and bodywork techniques. Clear communication between client and therapist brings the best results. 



Warm River Stone Massage

$100/60 min

$125/90 min


The traditional Swedish massage enhanced by the use of heated river stones, designed to enhance deep relaxation. The heat penetrates deep into the muscles, melting away layers of tension and stress.



Thai Herbal Massage

$ 125/90 min


The Herbal Compress Ball is an ancient form of Thai Massage.  A therapeutic warm compress is applied to muscles and joints, relieving soreness while increasing flexibility and circulation .


Thai Herbal Face Massage

$ 65/ 30 min


The combination of heat, herbs and aromatherapy nourish, revitalize and invigorate facial skin while improving blood flow and circulation to the face.








Couples Massage

$100/30 min

$170 total/60 min 

$220 total/90 min 


Share a wonderfully relaxing experience together at Mountain Massage Center. Your session will include two 30, 60 or 90 minute Mountain Massages tailored to your individual needs.




$100/75 min


Overhead bars are used to stabilize the therapist, allowing gravity to assist in giving deeper pressure than possible when using the upper body. Works out adhesions, trigger points and helps restore balance and stability .



Prenatal Massage

$85/60 minutes or add the Face and Scalp massage $105/75 min


An hour of soothing gentle touch for your special needs.  Will relieve body tension and improve kinesthetic awareness.



Neuromuscular Therapy

$85/60 min


A system of integrated techniques that are effective in relieving soft tissue dysfunction.



Myofascial Release Therapy

$85/60 min


A noninvasive technique which addresses the fascia, connective tissue. Helpful for chronic pain and injury.



The Twilight Massage

$100/60 min

$125/ 90 mins


Induces healing and relaxation by alternating heated and chilled stones throughout this full body massage.  Chilled stones are used very lightly following  the use of heated stones, an incredibly relaxing experience like no other.