MASSAGE and bodywork

The Signature Mountain Massage

$50/30 min

$85/60 min

$110/90 min


A relaxing Swedish massage, which works on the principles of flowing long strokes, kneading and muscle compressions that induce relaxation and rejuvenation.



Therapeutic Massage

$60/30 min

$95/60 min

$120/90 min


Sessions are tailored to your specific needs , utilizing a combination of massage and bodywork techniques...basically  anything the therapist has in their toolbox!  Clear communication between client and therapist brings the best results. 



Warm River Stone Massage ( Temporarily unavailable)

$100/60 min

$125/90 min


The traditional Swedish massage enhanced by the use of heated river stones, designed to enhance deep relaxation. The heat penetrates deep into the muscles, melting away layers of tension and stress.



$85/60 min


Treats the body, mind, emotions and spirit creating many beneficial effects, that include relaxation and a feeling of peace, security and well- being.


Foot Reflexology

$55/30 min

$100/60 min


Warm essential oil infused towels wrap the feet prior to the application of precise pressure that targets every part  of the body.


Sports Cupping

$50/30 min


Not just for athletes!!! Goes deep into the 'belly' of the muscle to increase circulation, reduce pain  and get to those tough 'knots'....great for sciatica.















Couples Massage

$100/30 min

$170 total/60 min 

$220 total/90 min 


Share a relaxing experience together at Mountain Massage Center. Your session will include two 30, 60 or 90 minute Signature Mountain Massages.




$100/ 75 min


Overhead bars are used to stabilize the therapist, allowing gravity to assist in giving deeper pressure than possible when using the upper body. Works out those knots, trigger points and helps restore balance and stability .



Pregnancy Massage

$50/30 min

$85/60 min

$110/90 min


Safe and gentle touch for Mom and Baby. Please let us know prior to your appointment if you are expecting, some restrictions or a Dr's note may apply.




 Mountain Massage and Reiki

$130/90 min


Combines the energetic healing effects of Reiki with the light to moderate touch of our Signature Mountain Massage. 90 minutes of healing and relaxation.


 Green Tea and Mint Foot Refresher



A massage for the lower legs and feet, toasty warm towels followed by a micro- buff cream and moisturizer of blended spearmint, peppermint and tea tree oil





doTERRA Essential Oils     $10.00


CBD Oil                                  $10.00




Deep Tissue                         $10.00


Cupping Add On                  $ 30.00